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Photos of the World’s oldest Trees

Fotos de los árboles más viejos del mundo. Vale la pena visitar el sitio.


Photographer’s Incredible 14-Year Quest to Document the World’s Oldest Trees

Original author: Jenny Zhang

For the past 14 years, San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon has journeyed to almost every continent in a quest to document some of the world’s biggest, oldest, and rarest trees. Using the criteria of immense size, great age, and notable history to select her subjects, Moon tracks down magnificent trees located beyond the reaches of civilization on mountainsides, private estates, and protected lands. In her beautiful new book titled Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, the photographer reveals the staggering beauty of baobabs, sequoias, yews, and other ancient trees that have stood the test of time.

The unique, timeless aesthetic of Moon’s photos is due to the labor-intensive platinum and palladium process that she uses to create her prints, resulting in images that have an incredible tonal range. With textures and details rendered dramatically in a…

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